The Great Fire Of London by Emma Adams & James Weston Lewis (Wayland Books)

13221738_10154041742580446_5152358357896369144_nThis has to be one of *the* most hauntingly stunning visual representation of The Great Fire of London that we’ve ever laid eyes on.

From the rose gold foil on the cover to the beautifully scripted quotes from Pepys and the mind-blowing spreads that encapsulate the sheer enormity of the fire.

As we mark the 350th anniversary of one of the most notorious events in London’s history, this book is a magnificent ode to that disastrous day.

13244666_10154041742510446_6434486107680124987_nJames Weston Lewis‘s elaborate illustrations not only support Emma Adams’s poignant narrative, they lift it to another level.

His use of a limited but hugely impactful palette, clearly highlight the enormity of the fire and the flames emanate from every spread. So much so, you can almost feel the intense heat as the flames lick each page.

13100791_10154041742545446_5830618871847666857_nJust look at the vivid illustration below, as the fire takes hold.

As we follow the progress of the fire from that initial burning ember in the bakery, to the to the ashen clouds that engulf the city, this dramatic look at a major event in our history incorporates rich detail and a further look at how London rebuilt itself.

13151582_10154041742485446_4076531238955344392_nUsing maps and including famous people and landmarks, there’s plenty to examine across each spread.

This truly engaging read would be an asset to any library, classroom or bookshelf and will undoubtedly delight any reader, young or old.

We cannot recommend this glorious depiction of the Great Fire of London enough. A potted but rich version of how the events of that fateful day in September 1666 unfurled.


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