What Do Grown-ups Do All Day by Virginie Morgand (Wide Eyed)

12524179_10154033999120446_7722341888180763031_nJolly good question! ‘What *Do* Grown-ups do All Day?

In this visually vibrant, jam-packed book by Virginie Morgand, we are introduced to an eclectic range of jobs, reassuringly without the all too familiar gender stereotypes.

From stunts and hospitals to farming and hotels, with fourteen diverse workplaces on show, each spread offers an insight into these varied roles.

13133354_10154033999025446_2124680304891917092_nIf you’ve ever wondered what grown-ups do all day, this is the perfect introduction to find out what younger people might aspire to become in later life.

With over one hundred very different occupations to choose from, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone.

This book offers a taster as to what’s in store when we do eventually ‘grow-up’.

13179030_10154033999045446_2401885490122529551_nInclusion of diverse characters and roles that are not typified with the usual sweeping generalisations, makes this the ideal platform to share with your young ones and let them open their minds to the options available.

Morgand’s bold, eye-catching illustrative style lends itself to a fun read, bustling with energy and colour.

13164216_10154033999075446_2723765429754892037_nWith colours that jump off each page and a range of jobs that will appeal to a hugely diverse audience, this is a comprehensive taster for any child to see what the world may have in store for them.

Breaking down stereotypes and opening-up new, perhaps unexplored avenues for children is hugely important and we commend Morgand for executing this so perfectly.

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