Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat by Katie Harnett (Flying Eye Books)

13095751_10154014941800446_2722492628378069927_nFor the sake of simplicity, let’s call this cat ‘Archie’.

Archie is a very popular feline friend on Blossom Street. So much so, he has his own place in almost everybody’s home on the street.

They each have their own name for him and in every home he gets to experience different activities and an eclectic range of people.

13139141_10154014941825446_679274301184692799_n “He watches birds at number one, catwalks at number seven, does some gardening at number fourteen and swing dances at number six.”

All in all, Archie’s got a pretty good life, even if a rather busy life.

He has many friends and many guises. From ‘Archie’, ‘Snufflekins’ and ‘Tiberius’, he is warmly welcomed into many homes.


But not number eleven. No one ever visits number eleven.

The occupant there is never busy. Most days Mrs Murray knits, watches television or warms her feet by the fire.

Until one day, Archie invites himself in and things change on Blossom Street forever.

13077029_10154014941905446_749210846041749854_nKatie Harnett has produced a gem of a book and one for cat lovers everywhere.

An endearing story, beautifully illustrated which provides a stark and welcome reminder about loneliness and the importance of community spirit.

It also begs the question “Do you know what your cat gets up to when not at home?”

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