Augustus And His Smile by Catherine Rayner (Little Tiger Press)

13076772_10154004093875446_6820551231337932951_nSo when this luxuriously shiny, golden nugget landed beautifully wrapped on our doorstep we had to pinch ourselves.

10 years? No way!

The gold foil cover of this 10th anniversary edition of ‘Augustus and his Smile‘ stopped us in our tracks.

13095905_10154004093830446_5000600388609102345_nThis was one of my eldest children’s favourite bedtime reads and yes, he’s just turned 10. How time flies and all that.

There’s something very special about the way Catherine Rayner creates her animal characters.

They have a certain softness to them and the way in which she personifies each character shows a further depth and heart to each animal.

13087365_10154004093885446_7651558422898038412_nAugustus is sad.

He’s lost his smile.

So he does a HUGE tigery stretch and sets off to find it…

Will he find his smile again?

During this journey of self discovery, we get a further insight into this handsome animal and his inquisitive nature.

13100789_10154004093820446_1804795199342341667_nRayner’s inky illustrations fully italicise the movement of this beast and capture the texture with each brushstroke.

Rediscover the magic of a contemporary classic, as Little Tiger Press partners with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a charity working to protect endangered species.

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