Hiding Heidi by Fiona Woodcock (Simon & Schuster)

13083301_10154003868740446_6318591267619984961_nA magically unfurling tale of friendship and finding your own strengths.

Heidi is a complete natural when it comes to playing hide-and-seek.

So much so, that her friends often struggle to find her.

13043352_10154003868795446_6288395978910775868_nWhilst fun at the time, Heidi soon realises that this game is rather one-sided.

She needs to find a way to include all of her friends. So when someone suggests a space-hopper race, Heidi jumps at the chance.

It’s only then, that they each discover something very special about themselves.

13103405_10154003868770446_3737121139183962283_nThis delightful story combines an enchanting narrative with totally unique illustrations and instantly loveable, whimsical characters.

Woodcock’s clever use of pattern, texture and vibrant splashes of colour, make for a truly engaging read and in a style all of her own.

Whilst relatively new to children’s publishing, Fiona holds 15 years in animation and she is definitely one to watch out for.

13062208_10154003868800446_2415676272572671683_nWe love the carefully crafted composition of each spread.

The sparse use of text intertwined with bold colour makes for a very fluid read and one which flows gently along the unfurling storyline.

This is an extraordinary debut from Fiona and we can’t wait to see what she produces next.



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