ABZzz… by (Isabel Minhós Martins & Yara Kono (Thames & Hudson)

12376623_10153946919295446_4176607465570691056_nThis ABC is not your usual, run-of-the-mill, ABC.

Oh no!

This ABC is special. It has magical powers.

It *will* make you fall asleep. From wide-awake to catching Zzzz’s in a matter of minutes.

Look, even the title of the book has fallen asleep!

941365_10153946919355446_7563863339616425548_nThe perfect bedtime read for your little sleepyheads, or even your not-so-sleepyheads.

Each letter has an accompanying short sleepy story and beautifully bold illustration about sleep, from yawning and stretching to snuggling down, there’s nothing to stop you drifting off.

From this award-winning Portuguese author and illustrator duo, comes a positively powerful, sleep-inducing, bedtime read.

12928163_10153946919340446_3117117161426885368_nHow long will you be able to stay awake?

Will you be dreaming by D?

Snoring by S?

Yawning by Y?

Or zonked by Z?

12321254_10153946919315446_1807277333072598880_nEither way, this book won’t fail to have you ready for a good night’s sleep at some point, as it encourages children to close their eyes, forget their worries and embrace the onset of sleep.

Coupled with sparse, bold illustrations, this makes for an interesting ABC and a quirky concept for bedtime reading.

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