Before I Wake Up… by Britta Teckentrup (Prestel)

Britta Teckentrup12439030_10153910069250446_9119020378345609234_n‘s work is utterly sublime and we are never disappointed by her offerings, but her latest book ‘Before I Wake Up…‘ has to be one of our favourites to date.

With a style truly synonymous to her, Britta creates the most evocative artwork, brimming with colour, texture and depth. In an almost screen printed, collage-like set of spreads we are transported across continents, through jungles and way beyond.

12439292_10153910069295446_7235624450759607847_nIn this magical adventure, a girl explores the beauty of the world around us and feels safe in the knowledge that her loyal friend the lion is by her side as they travel.

She is able to venture to the woodlands, swim with the whales and when she wakes, the sun welcomes her to begin a new day.

1479372_10153910069340446_4306508067870921689_nThis melodic bed time rhyming story propels the reader from the depths of the ocean to the star-filled skies, in the turn of a page.

With use of varied colour, shape and texture, no child, or indeed adult, can help but get lost in this exquisite, unwinding story and the depths of the visually arresting spreads.

10270742_10153910069350446_5261734511200105514_nA captivating and beguiling bedtime read that will undoubtedly provide a soothing and reassuring element before falling asleep, safe in the knowledge that we are not alone in our dreams, but accompanied by a loving companion, watching over us as our dreams play out before us.

Worth it for the artwork alone, this is a must-have for any shelf or library.


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