Wild Animals of the North by Dieter Braun (Flying Eye Books)

8887_10153889269890446_3815431924409888773_nThe first in a series of illustrated books covering animals of the world, ‘Wild Animals of the North‘ is a sumptuous, in-depth introduction to a plethora of animals, native to the northern hemisphere.

A designer’s dream or indeed anyone with an eye for art, this hefty book will be highly sought after by adults and children alike.

1239562_10153889269930446_3925040073829057202_nWith an almost vintage-tinged palette, coupled with contemporary, clean, geometric shapes, this makes for an enticing piece of non-fiction and a truly valuable resource for any bookshelf, classroom or library.

Dieter Braun takes us on an exciting adventure through countries and continents in search of the world’s most incredible animals.

1622128_10153889269820446_6475872308233916151_nFrom the smallest to the largest animals, feathered friends to fur, on land and in sea, we are invited to learn about a wide range of diverse species, which are explored in more detail.

Not only do we discover a wealth of wildlife, we also take a subtle, almost unknowing, geographical lesson along the way.

12472319_10153889269940446_1027996979235276514_nWe begin our journey in North America, where we are introduced to the majestic Bald Eagle, the quirky Blue-Footed Booby, the terrifying Texas Rattlesnake and the imposing Kodiak Bear.

Moving on to Europe, where there are a whole new set of animals to learn about, including the nocturnal Barn Owl and the regal White Swan.

1474372_10153889269805446_201139842302620180_nWe end our trip in the vast Asian continent, with their red-faced Japanese Macaques, the immense Giant Panda and the crested Mandarin Duck.

Accompanied by breathtaking, earthy-toned illustrations and sparse white pages with consolidated text, any child would enjoy flicking through this illustrated encyclopedia of animals from far and wide.

8891_10153889269870446_2553030782679485726_nFun facts, statistics and punchy descriptions all add to the desirability of the latest quality offering from Flying Eye Books.

Some animals you will undoubtedly know, others you may never even heard of, either way you won’t fail to be delighted by this deluxe, design-led publication.

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