Little Red by Bethan Woollvin (Two Hoots Books)

12795362_10153871645525446_124697487753409744_nLittle Red‘ is a totally triumphant twist on a classic fairytale.

This well known Grimm tale has been reimagined by an emerging talent in picture books and she’s definitely one to keep a close eye on.

Winner of the Macmillan Children’s Book Competition 2014, Bethan Woollvin has created her own humorously dark, visually imposing story.

12801592_10153871645590446_8858856770007993423_nMeet Little Red, she’s a smart, street-wise, gutsy girl and she’s certainly no shrinking wallflower.

A fresh, contemporary heroine for children everywhere, she’s everything we love in a feisty female lead.

This Little Red isn’t a pushover and you won’t find her falling for the whole wolf dressed as her Grandma scenario, oh no!

12801306_10153871645575446_852772377496409369_nLittle Red is on her way to visit her sick grandmother, check.

Wolf meets girl on the way to her sick grandmother, check.

Wolf gobbles up grandma and awaits his next tasty treat, check.

So far, so familiar….

Only, that’s as far as the similarities go.

12795469_10153871645625446_3879549990943128036_nThis glorious reinvention of ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘, challenges the original in many ways and offers a refreshing, updated response to the wolf’s rather pathetic attempts to outwit the young girl.

Illustrated in a strong, bold style with dominant monochromatic spreads and pops of luminous red, the pictures truly support this quirky narrative and complement this unconventional fairytale ending.


Little Red publishes very soon and we urge you to read this original retelling for yourselves.

Expect great things from this new Macmillan imprint, Two Hoots have a list to drool over and an experienced team to make this fly (geddit?).

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