Are you sitting comfortably? by Leigh Hodgkinson (Bloomsbury)

12803023_10153849524010446_7411040202721172585_nThis utterly eye catching book asks… ‘Are you sitting comfortably?

You sure? Positive? Great! Let’s get stuck in!

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the boy in this book, who’s struggling to find *the* perfect place to tuck into his book.

12729215_10153849524100446_1120035589149890033_nIt’s either too stinky, grimy or slippy, slimy.

Too hot or too cold.

Do have a favourite place to snuggle up with your favourite book?

Perhaps it’s a cosy nook or a makeshift den.

8385_10153849524055446_2149530078917530184_nBut does it really matter where you sit?

In this breathtakingly stunning picture book by Leigh Hodgkinson, she explores a wealth of places and various chairs, but our young chap just can’t find the perfect spot to dive into his trusty tome.

Watch closely, as the boy is joined by a willing audience, desperate to hear his story…

12321676_10153849524120446_8322210506532884971_nHodgkinson‘s use of collage with bold shapes, texture and vivid pattern, make for a truly engaging read and one that will appeal to children and adults alike.

As clear advocates of reading, anything, anytime, anywhere, we can’t help book take this book to our hearts.


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