Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon (Nosy Crow)

12821544_10153849873745446_4506954792191602328_nMeet Dave.

Dave have cave.

Dave have perfect cave.

But Dave not happy. Dave want new cave.

Dave leave cave to find new one.

12512557_10153849873830446_7379838342502736982_nIn this rib-tickingly funny tale of a caveman’s search for a new, better home, we follow Dave on his quest to see if the grass is actually  greener.

Frann Preston-Gannon‘s humour-filled cadence and formidable characterisation, makes this a winning combination for a laugh-a-minute bedtime read, no matter what your age.

De12804744_10153849873795446_4272735333755813965_nspite inhabiting the perfect cave, with big comfy rocks, nice green grass, enough room for a fire and a place that Dave’s friends like too, Dave’s not satisfied.

But will the other cave’s meet his discerning taste? Too big, too small, too noisy, already taken. Will he ever find that utopian cave?

He does! But there’s something very familiar about that cave…

12524359_10153849873855446_6517676411425406592_nFrann’s clever injection of visual humour, coupled with the pre-historic staccato speak, is pure picture book brilliance. It’s crying out to be read-aloud and we love the varying cavemen voices in this household alone.

We spotted Dave a while ago on Frann Preston-Gannon’s Instagram feed and we knew he wouldn’t disappoint. We defy you not to have a soft spot for Dave and a honed caveman voice by the end of the story.


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