I Am Bear by Ben Bailey Smith & Sav Akyüz (Walker Books)

12745518_10153815223215446_8234692869271007827_nBears are ever prominent in picture books, but this bear is rather different from many of the other bears we are introduced to in children’s books.

For starters, he’s purple!

How many purple bears have you seen before? And he’s a little bit of a cheeky trickster. (Which we like!)

12705348_10153815223360446_2107510415338822031_nHe’s a fresh, streetwise bear with plenty of swag and where ever there’s trouble, you can guarantee Bear will be there.

I Am Bear‘ is the debut picture book from actor, comedian, rapper and screenwriter Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) and illustrator, Sav Akyüz.

This book has a whacky sense of humour and uses a comical play on words which will appeal to a younger audience.

12734269_10153815223310446_3407205381826625507_nCoupled with zingy, vibrant artwork, what’s not to love about ‘I Am Bear‘?

Centred around an iridescent mischief maker and his various exploits, including stealing honey from the bees, performing magic tricks and annoying a pesky squirrel, you won’t help but chuckle along with this loveable rogue.

12745653_10153815223255446_4691106627229332752_nThe sparse use of text certainly packs a punch and we can imagine this fast becoming a story that both children and adults can recite ad verbatim.

Just watch the trailer here and we guarantee it’ll have you singing along within seconds.

This certainly is a debut to watch and we’d love to see a follow-up from this pairing.

Head over to our Twitter page to win your own copy in our giveaway.

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