The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer (Thames & Hudson)

imageYuval Zommer‘s ‘The Big Book of Bugs‘ is a veritable encyclopaedia of all things bugs related. From stingers and chirpers, to wrigglers and fliers.

Coupled with jam-packed spreads and sumptuously detailed illustrations, this makes for a highly engaging, yet understated learning experience for any young bug-spotter.


Barbara Taylor includes an array of our insect friends, from ants to silverfish and night-time bugs to house-loving bugs.

With snippets of information and fun-filled facts, this book provides a wealth of information about a positively bustling cornucopia of creepy-crawlies.

Just check out these spreads!

imageDelivered by Zommer, in a most creative and inventive style, children (and adults) will be unlikely to even realise they are undergoing a wildlife lesson in some of nature’s tiniest most fascinating creatures.

With a ‘seek-and-find’ element to this quality piece of non-fiction, it provides another layer to this already captivating lesson in mini beasts.

imageQuirky, easily relatable facts including things like ‘Spiders have 48 knees‘, ‘A horsefly can fly faster than a car‘ and ‘Some grasshoppers can jump 20 times their length‘ make for a fun, light-hearted way of learning and one we highly commend.

This larger than life book is crammed with critters and their hectic habitats. A perfect addition to any young person’s shelf and an undoubtedly valuable resource for any school or library.

Watch the trailer here.


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