Pass It On by Sophy Henn (Puffin Books)

imageAs huge fans of Sophy Henn, we were already assured of some magical storytelling and stunning artwork, but ‘Pass It On‘ has such an overwhelming sense of positivity and happiness, we defy anyone not to smile whilst reading it.

imageNot only is the unique grey cover a complete winner, (you’ll be hard pushed to find an illustrator who produces better) but we adore Henn’s bold, contemporary style and use of block colour. The pops of her vibrant palette seem to engage children at the turn of the page and jump out and grab the reader.

imageThis story positively oozes joyfulness and invites us to find happiness in the smallest things in life. From a chuckle to a hug, it reminds us to share the love and ‘Pass It On’.

imageSophy has a complete knack for creating loveable characters, who you can’t help but take to your heart from the very first read, making all of her books future classics.

They will undoubtedly be read time and time again and passed down through generations.


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