Do You See What I See? by Helen Borten (Flying Eye Books)

imageThis vintage classic by the wonderfully creative Helen Borten is a complete gem and has been lovingly resurrected by those folk at Flying Eye Books.

Helen Borten was crowned as one of the ten best illustrators of 1956 and it’s easy to see why in this collection of artwork. Printed in sumptuous 4 spot colour, this process adds a further touch of class to these already stunning illustrations.

imageWith vivid primary palettes and bold illustrations reminiscent of early screen-printed pages, ‘Do You See What I See?‘ introduces the concept of art, shape and colour in the world around us.

Still as fresh today as it was back in the 1960s, it also introduces a whole new generation to Borten’s stunning work and unique creativity.

imageCoupled with poetic language and engaging illustration, we are invited to see everything around us with a fresh pair of eyes and celebrate in the beauty of the world on our own doorstep.

This picture book provides us with a platform to reassess what we see on a daily basis. The thing we see on a regular basis are translated in to new forms and shapes.

imageBorten, encourages us to look at lines, shapes and colour in a totally new way, using everyday objects that will be familiar to children and text that skips along every page.

We will never get tired of seeing such classic beauties being rejuvenated by sympathetic publishers, who take care to ensure the original creativity is reproduced to the highest possible standard.

Look out too for ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?‘.


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