Alan’s Big Scary Teeth by Jarvis (Walker Books)

12651230_10153784279305446_4657128755649526304_nMeet Alan.

Alan is an alligator.

As you would expect, Alan is scary, very scary, in fact, he’s very, very scary!

Or is he?

12650851_10153784281620446_5497513190240660615_nAlan sneaks around the jungle scaring frogs off their lily pads, monkeys out of their trees and sends parrots screeching in terror.

It’s all in the teeth, don’t you know.

But Alan has a little known secret.

12631384_10153784279345446_8803980907635810930_nHis gnashers are not his own!

Yep, they’re false teeth and he takes them out at night, leaving him a lot less scary.

But what happens when Alan’s teeth go missing? Will he still be scary and what happens if he’s not scary? It’s all he knows!

imageJarvis‘s debut picture book with Walker Books is heaving with colour, humour and immaculate characterisation, making this a sure-fire winner with children and adults alike.

A heart-warming journey of self-discovery, coupled with witticism and original artwork.


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