Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray & Jim Field (Hodder Children’s)

12540677_10153764646245446_3857190618883572641_nWhen it comes to this phenomenal picture book pairing, Kes Gray and Jim Field are on a roll and then some!

Following the immense success of both ‘Oi Frog‘ and ‘How Many Legs?‘ now comes ‘Quick Quack Quentin‘.

Meet the duck with the quickest quack in the west.

12642759_10153778856545446_7217957967273000565_nAnother original and highly engaging story from Kes Gray, coupled with bold, fresh illustrations from Jim Field, there’s nothing we don’t love about their third collaboration.

Quentin is a duck with a very quick quack, “Quck!”

So quick in fact, it’s missing it’s letter ‘A’.


During the search for his illusive letter A, he’s lucky enough to meet some rather generous animals who willingly offer up their vowels to Quentin, but somehow it just doesn’t sound quite right.

Dog generously offers his ‘O’ but “Quock!” isn’t what he’s after.

Hen happily donates her ‘E’ but “Queck!” isn’t right for a duck either.

12592311_10153764646165446_1100445078140926936_nWhere on earth will Quentin find a spare ‘A’ and what if the other animals don’t want to part with theirs?

We think we know someone who might just be able to help…

A great read-aloud story for younger children, with lots of great sounds and use of phonetics to get to grips with.

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