What is a Child? by Beatrice Alemagna (Tate Publishing)

12418106_10153764646285446_3783165090632312779_nFrom the award-winning Beatrice Alemagna comes ‘What is a Child?’

A rhetorical title which invites us to evaluate further and ultimately embrace each child’s individuality.

In this diverse picture book we celebrate every child’s uniqueness and it provokes us to think about our own identity.

1909936_10153764646340446_346193892725926342_nIn the only way she knows how, Alemagna captures the individuality in every single child with creative flair and in a style all of her own.

Here, Alemagna explores the true notion of identity and encourages a truly diverse approach to being comfortable in your own skin.

It’s utterly refreshing to see a whole host of children with a range of skin tones, apparel, needs and abilities, in the confines of one book.

12592709_10153764646450446_4361780452673393167_nThese days, diversity in picture books is still all too rare and we highly commend Alemagna for approaching such a thought-provoking topic with sensitivity, compassion and truthfulness.

This book has an over-arching sensibility and will definitely make any reader consider and reflect further on themselves. It requires us to see the world through the eyes of many children, each with their own take on life.

12400815_10153764646305446_1801545139652451008_nEach spread holds a bold portrait, accompanied by poignant and provocative text, which will resonate with the reader in more ways than one.

We defy anyone not to be moved or inclined to stop and think about their own identity.

Perfect for any school, public library, home bookshelf and a must-read for children and adults alike.


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