A Beginner’s Guide to Bearspotting by Michelle Robinson & David Roberts (Bloomsbury)

12507311_10153764646445446_1789727383914785732_nSo beautifully and succinctly written, with an utterly hilarious narrative and equally funny illustrations, ‘A beginner’s Guide to Bearspotting‘ is a must for anyone’s shelf.

Bear spotting is a serious business don’tchyaknow and one that needs to be taken extremely seriously!

From the stupendous pairing of Michelle Robinson and David Roberts comes a overwhelmingly great (dare we say it, roarsome) picture book.

12573955_10153764646455446_7310672266684684271_nThis book is bursting with wit and dry humour at every turn of the page and continues until the very last sentence.

But be warned, this book doesn’t pull any punches, it tells it like it is! Bear hunting IS very dangerous and as any self-respecting bearspotter knows, you must follow this guide to the letter to ensure you remain safe at all times.
12573772_10153764816695446_460303327841732572_n“Black bears are dangerous and BLACK.

Brown bears are dangerous and BROWN.

Although sometimes brown bears can be a little BLACK and black bears can be a little BROWN.”

12507647_10153764646515446_3923959731866593847_nThe marriage of Michelle Robinson‘s words with David Roberts’ pictures makes for one of the funniest picture books of the year so far and I defy anyone not to laugh out loud to some of cracking one-liners and thoroughly perfect illustrations.

Roberts has captured the humour in Robinson’s writing impeccably and just look out for the facial expressions of these menacing bears.

Whilst only in January, we know this will undoubtedly be one of our books of the year.

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