Story Box by Anne Laval (Laurence King)

12552852_10153764646090446_1823006242014681923_nWe cannot speak highly enough about this fabulously original resource from Laurence King!

Story Box is a truly fresh and totally creative way for children to devise their own stories and fairy tales.

In essence, it’s a box full of double-sided puzzle pieces each with delightful illustrations by Anne Laval.

12495194_10153764646635446_9104031954272086086_nA box which provides 20 interchangeable sections, including a mix of beginning, middle and end pieces to create an 8-foot-long story, where you are the author and you decide the fate of the many characters.

From an intrepid hero to the missing elf, you choose the plot twists and the script changes.


We used Story Box with a small group of 4 year olds and they relished the opportunity to be the creators of their own stories.

They even made up their own names for their characters and were easily able to change their plot if they found an extra part to add to their emerging tale.

12417596_10153764646670446_155088486698402958_nMy 8 year old also had a field day placing the pieces together to create her own, completely unique fairy tale.

The iterations to each story are limitless, with a simple swap of a puzzle piece or a flip over, the plot can change and take a whole new route.

Story Box would be a treasured resource for any home or classroom and the open-ended element to storytelling will invite any child to stretch their imagination and creativity.

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