What Will Danny Do Today? by Pippa Goodhart & Sam Usher (Egmont)

12522927_10153756397550446_5364134981451024152_nIf this exuberant cover doesn’t grab you, we don’t know what will, coupled with the fact that it’s written by the creator of ‘You Choose’.

Pippa Goodhart has created a fabulously open-ended book where you, the reader are in total control of ‘What Will Danny do Today?

Gasp in awe at the level of detail and the characterisation in each and every member of this meandering line.

12509814_10153756397150446_7348687611456257482_nFrom stripes or spots to sticking or painting. You get to choose what Danny will do next today.

Goodhart’s use of minimal but clear and concise options are smattered throughout Usher’s unfurling spreads and together make for an enticing read and one that will be revisited again and again.

With cameo appearances from Quentin Blake and William Shakespeare there are a boundless number of additional details to spot along the way.

11236560_10153756397200446_7078367130378087686_nSam Ushers highly original illustrative style is bursting with infinite detail and for this truly interactive book, provides the perfect platform for each reader to choose what Danny will do, from a wealth of beautifully illustrated activities.

It’s also worth noting and refreshing to see, a range of diverse characters interspersed throughout this offering.

Perfect for a younger audience with plenty to spot for many future readings.


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