Little One by Jo Weaver (Hodder Children’s)

12507640_10153750729000446_5209963375256565756_nWhen ‘Little One‘ landed through our letterbox, we were immediately drawn to the cover.

The evocative charcoal illustrations of the two bears are empathetically drawn and coupled with this tenderly written tale, provide a most alluring backdrop to this story of love, life and learning.

12400550_10153750728960446_5010439933873017751_nJo Weaver’s use of light and shade, texture and space, create an emotive set of spreads, as we witness the growth of this Parent/Child relationship.

In an understated but delicately written tale, the emerging bond between these bears is tangible, as any parent will immediately understand.

12523048_10153750729010446_2017536951107031634_nAs the bear cub watches and learns by the side of his Mother, she guides the cub through important life lessons and gives him the confidence to try from himself.

In this debut picture book, Jo Weaver plays out this beautifully tender story of unconditional love between parent and child, strewn amongst the most stunning monochromatic artwork.

12400616_10153750728940446_1938672064513931460_nWe are invited to the witness those first steps of independence from the bear cub and the important role of Big Bear leading and guiding her ‘Little One‘, this will undoubtedly be a story to be cherished by any member of any family, anywhere.

This is most definitely a picture book to look out for and we expect to see more of Jo Weaver‘s work in the forthcoming months.


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