Ralf by Jean Jullien (Quarto Kids)

1919373_10153736320375446_6781202371767126681_nMeet Ralf.

Ralf is a dog.

A little dog.

But who takes up a lot of space!

12522913_10153736320440446_8521467182813332417_nFor such a small dog, poor Ralf seems to get in the way an awful lot and tends to cause a fair bit of trouble.

The story of this unassuming sausage dog unfolds with much humour and ultimately ending in utterly sublime stoic heroism from our courageous pooch.

Jean Jullien is a highly acclaimed French artist and this is his first, long-anticipated picture book.

12509786_10153736320415446_7144762436568812902_nWith a style synonymous to Jullien, using deceptively simple yet striking characters with thick, black outlines to his bold, colour images, this makes the perfect read for a younger audience.

Find out what happens when Ralf spots smoke coming from the family home.

How will our four-legged friend help his family trapped inside?

12400650_10153736320395446_8579937053333242230_nAs you would expect from an illustrator of Jullien’s calibre, the characterisation of our eponymous canine is second to none and the endpapers are a total treat.

This picture book has been well worth the wait and provides a fresh approach and style to storytelling.


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