A River by Marc Martin (Templar Publishing)

1918571_10153718374385446_726621862768202801_nMarc Martin‘s illustrative style, coupled with his creative storytelling has truly captured our imagination.

His clever use of mixed media and texture make for a pleasingly vibrant read and the anticipation of what lies overleaf, make all of his books irresistible page-turners.

A River‘ is true testament to that as we pored over each spread.

1909676_10153718374440446_5167291397750682751_nIn this, his most recent picture book, ‘A River‘ follows a young girl who imagines herself floating along a river, as she gazes out of her window.

As she gently travels through dense forest and across immense open oceans, where else will the river take her?

Wherever it may lead, it’s set to be a rich and varied journey.

1005015_10153718374470446_6068294253772825489_nFrom Martin‘s stunning representation of the patchwork fields to the hubbub of the bustling city, each unfurling spread is dramatically different from its predecessor.

Lush, vibrant palettes smattered with a mix of illustrative styles and sumptuous textures won’t fail to please any reader.

481_10153718374415446_4182094951298350001_nA perfect introduction for a younger reader to the world around us and its dramatic landscapes.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the boat and our intrepid adventurer as you follow the undulating river.

This beautifully packaged story provides a geographical lesson wrapped up in a selection of breathtaking art.


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