One Day on our Blue Planet… in the Antarctic by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye Books)

12373194_10153695146090446_1370077780848099095_nIn Ella Bailey‘s follow-up to ‘One Day on our Blue Planet… In the Savannah‘ this time, she focusses her attention on the open southern waters of the Antarctic, through the eyes of a young Adélie penguin chick.

Another sympathetically presented piece of non-fiction, cleanly executed for a much younger audience.

12369084_10153695146255446_82845544153616813_nWith a tender narrative and stunning, crisp design, this would be an exceptional addition to any shelf or an invaluable resource in any Early Years setting.

As the day breaks in the Antarctic, our intrepid chick leaves her nest for the first time.

Her Mother feeds her her last meal as she sets out to the icy seas to explore further. But how will she fare?

12360069_10153695146145446_1543676513651185361_nCovering many miles each day, the chick is a graceful swimmer and she finds a whole host of friends and foes along her way.

She seeks out a plentiful source of food including krill, squid and fish.

As the bitter night begins, the Adélie penguin chick rests on the floating ice until a new sun rises, on another day in our blue planet.

12376433_10153695146215446_4170624682447214764_nElla Bailey has produced yet another gem in conjunction with publisher Flying Eye Books.

The end papers alone are an education, filled with facts and packed with a plethora of animals, birds and mammals to explore and pore over.

We cannot wait for the next day we visit another, different corner of our blue planet.


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