Christmas Crackers!

We often get asked about our favourite Christmas reads, so we’ve pulled some of favourites together.


Once Upon a Northern Night‘ by Jean E. Pendziwol and Isabelle Arsenault is a heart-wrenchingly tender and melodic tale set to a serenely snowy backdrop.

A wintry poem told by a Mother to sleeping son, this is a rich and emotional text supported by sumptuous landscapes, inquisitive wildlife and unfurling scenery, this makes for a particularly touching read.


Christmas for Greta and Gracie‘ by Yasmeen Ismail is an amusing tale of sibling rivalry and whilst both from the same mold, both are very different.

The siblings share the magic of the Christmas preparations together, decorating the tree, ice skating, wrapping presents, but bigger sister Greta talks over Gracie and is too quick to remind her that she’s too quiet, too slow, or too short. But being quiet has its advantages…


The Tea Party in the Woods‘ by Akiko Miyakoshi is a beautifully imaginative story, coupled with raw and highly alluring, almost eery charcoal illustrations.

A magical story unfolds with the turn of each page, reminiscent of a classical fairytale with a slick contemporary twist, set in a snowy woodland setting.

12247070_10153649288900446_7357257456743978650_nA Letter for Bear‘ by David Lucas contains all the magic of Christmas, wrapped in a snuggly warm blanket of love and friendship.

This is a ‘feel good’ story coupled with David Lucas’s warm and bold illustrative style. The perfect Christmas read!


Snow‘ by Walter de la Mare and illustrated by Caroline Rabei is a timeless poem by the georgian poet, which has been lovingly resurrected and carefully brought to life in pictures by Carolina Rabei.

A great way to introduce a much younger audience to classical poetry and making it accessible for all ages.

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