Snow by Walter de la Mare & Carolina Rabei (Faber Children’s)

12295452_10153657184385446_1484495655982847765_nAnother of the infamous georgian poet, Walter de le Mare’s timeless poems resurrected and carefully brought to life by illustrator Carolina Rabei.

With an elegantly embossed cover and limited palette, Rabei has cleverly provided an illuminating, illustrated narrative to support de la Mare’s classic poetry.

12249798_10153657184460446_3559502745534336747_nSo even the youngest audience can enjoy and access his work.

Spreads of predominantly milky white backgrounds are coloured with warming tones of brown, grey and red to accentuate the snowy scene.

This is a thoughtful way of introducing classic poetry to a much younger audience and making it accessible for all ages.


As Christmas is played out in all its glory across each snow-filled spread, this is the perfect book to read on the run up to the festivities and captures the sheer joy and excitement of the this time of year.

Text is scattered sparsely throughout the book and each supporting illustration helps decode de la Mare’s poetry for younger children to understand.


There is a distinct coziness and underlying serene feeling that accompanies this illustrated poetry, which would make it a great choice for bedtime reading.

And just look at this beautifully wintry trailer.

A timeless classic with a contemporary twist and a refreshing introduction to poetry for young children.

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