My Driving Adventures by There I Am Story Books

11214219_10153649360615446_8471458658174671350_nHow about this for a truly personalised picture book?

We’ve enjoyed seeing the new wave of personalisation in picture books over the months and what could be better than to see your name or home brought to life in a book, right in front of your eyes?

If that doesn’t help incite a life long love of reading, then we don’t know what will.

12278839_10153649360670446_7169016403893599949_nThose clever peeps over at ‘ThereIAmStoryBooks‘ have gone a step further to include the name and a picture of your child on their own driving adventure on each and every spread.

Whatever, their favourite mode of transport, be it a boat, a train, a dustbin lorry or even a submarine, this book can’t fail to please any intrepid young adventurer.


Seeing their own face staring back at them in a physical book and reading out their own name aloud on each page, can only fill them with excitement and anticipation.

Get over to ‘ThereIAmStoryBooks‘ to find out more about how to bring your child to life in their own truly personalised story book.


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