How to be a Cowboy by Alice V Lickens (Pavilion Books)

12278822_10153655658985446_5096382795979326694_nMy 8 year old daughter, sorry let me re-phrase that, ‘we’ had hours of fun with this truly interactive offering from A V Lickens.

Packed with a multitude of stickers, zingy illustrations and a pop-out paper cowboy to dress with his own outfits, this ultimate guide to becoming a cowboy, kept us busy for hours.

In fact, it’s particularly therapeutic popping out the chaps and hats!

12294801_10153655668040446_1992685811089545265_nNot just a look at the cowboy wardrobe, this book includes maps of a cowboy’s favourite stomping ground, recipes of real-life cowboy nosh and trusty cowboy phrases that any aspiring cowboy or cowgirl must have at their disposal.

The captivatingly bold illustrative style, coupled with an array of quirky and informative content, makes for an interactive experience.

12250074_10153655659015446_8509527014163404871_nChosen for the prestigious Sendak Fellowship, Alice Lickens is the first UK illustrator to be selected to live and work at Maurice Sendak’s residence in Connecticut, USA and her work has a style of her own.

Lickens stylised images and use of colour makes for a book to be treasured, but also used to its full potential.


The plentiful stickers now adorn my daughters notebook and the paper cowboy is propped up comfortably on her book shelf.

Who knows, we may even try one of the many recipes. We particularly like the sound of ‘Son of a Gun Stew’ or ‘Gunslinger Beans’.

And we’ve been a practising talkin’ like a dog gone cowboy too!

10387219_10153655658930446_1983898869706825150_nThere’s so much fun to be had within and outside the pages of this book. It would make a great gift for any wannabe cowboy or cowgirl of any age.

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