A Letter for Bear by David Lucas (Flying Eye Books)

12247070_10153649288900446_7357257456743978650_nLooking for the perfect Christmas book?

Then ‘A Letter for Bear‘ by David Lucas might just be the wintry read you’re looking for.

Meet Bear, he delivers the post to all of his fellow woodland animals whatever the weather.

12249878_10153649288940446_3622162947123068831_nThrough the cold and wind, ice and snow he never fails to deliver the post for his neighbours, but poor Bear is never the recipient of any letters. Although, that’s hardly surprising as he’s never actually written a letter himself.

One day Bear is delivering his usual sackful of letters, when the wind blows them clean out of his sack and into the snow, smudging all of the addresses.


So Bear has no choice but to knock on each door to make sure everyone gets their intended post.

Having met all of his customers, Bear decides to writes some letters of his own. ‘A whole snowstorm of letters‘.

He invites his fellow inhabitants to a Christmas Party in his cave.

12241691_10153649288990446_8366844572900445657_nBut will they come?

Bear prepares his cave by putting up decorations and he even dons a party hat.

And he waits…

This is a truly uplifting tale, which despite the current technological age of emails, acts as a stark reminder of the joy that can be felt by the of receiving a letter.

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