Picture book picks of 2015

One thing I think we can all agree on, is that it’s been an bumper crop for picture books this year. Which made compiling this list a tough but thoroughly enjoyable task as we waded through what we consider to be the most outstanding highly illustrated books of 2015.

11200811_10153320193655446_502293905186842790_nWe start with what has to be our all time favourite ‘Pool‘ by JiHyeon Lee. We’ve witnessed a small but pleasing increase in the number of wordless picture books and we love the creativity and open-endedness that comes when you create your own narrative.

Pool contains the most serene and magical illustrations coupled with a truly imaginative tale. Read our review.

10603688_10153100037850446_6975596632705911891_nNext up is the flame haired Lili by Wen Dee Tan. A loner, unable to fit it because of her shock of red hair, but ultimately the reason she is then accepted by her peers.

Tan’s raw, stripped-back yet emotion filled illustrations make this fiery tale a roaring success. Read our review.

10345741_10153127134935446_5554827501495696829_nOne Thousand Things‘ is a graphical work of art. It’s a visually stunning encyclopaedia of first words for emerging readers in Anna Kövecses inimitable style.

The use of colour and composition is pitched perfectly for a younger audience and would make a great addition to any emerging readers’ shelf. Read our review.

11013119_10153378984465446_863529203812670779_nThe Tea Party in the Woods‘ is a beautifully creative and imaginative story played out with gloriously eery charcoal illustrations.

Akiko Miyakoshi has created an unfurling fairytale with a slick contemporary twist.

This mysterious and incredibly powerful picture book has to be on everyones list. Read our review.

11407147_10153334285255446_7675892946464408403_nHome‘ provides a diverse and eclectic range of homes with a rich and varied range of occupants.

Each of Carson Ellis‘s sumptuous spreads creates a new and wildly different world to explore and comprehend. Read our review.

12193628_10153612100090446_2002825552460588988_nTimeline: A Visual History of our World is utterly breathtaking and bursting with detail.

Peter Goes has crafted a picture perfect, potted history which will appeal to all ages. It’s a highly accessible medium for a younger audience and a powerful classroom resource, this is a totally original and fresh approach to history. Read our review.

2Q==The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes has to be one of THE most intricately illustrated picture books that we’ve ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on.

With a plethora of warm, earthy tones and limitless detail on every spread, you’ll get lost in the illustrations and your heart will be warmed by the story of this thimble-sized garderner.


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