Who Done It? by Olivier Tallec (Chronicle Books)

Yet 12208451_10153629468915446_4867448208102968636_nanother stunning offering from French author/illustrator Olivier Tallec, with unbeatable characterisation and a fabulously creative and highly unusual orientation.

With stark white backgrounds each offending character pops out of the page, almost reminiscent of a police line-up.

In this snappy ‘Who Done It?’ a short, simple often quirky, question adorns the top left of each landscape spread.

I12208538_10153629468910446_3605135520515545051_nncluding, ‘Who ate all the jam?‘, ‘Who couldn’t hold it?‘ and ‘Who forgot a swimsuit?‘.

The eclectic mix of characters with their amusing and absolutely impeccable facial expressions makes for a fun and engaging read.

With only the clue in each question, the reader is invited to spot ‘whodunnit’ on each landscape double page spread.


Tallec has created a clever approach to introducing a younger audience to early concepts like facial expressions, body language and positioning, as a prompt to find the answer in each line-up.

This ‘search and find’ interactive book will get children talking and deducing their own answer from the clues provided. But beware, the clues are not always clear-cut, so it really makes the reader delve deeper into the illustrations provided.


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