The 50 States by Gabrielle Balkan & Sol Linero (Quarto Kids)

12189143_10153623971385446_2615791057204920964_nAs it’s National Non-Fiction November (NNFN), we’re so pleased to share this with you.

A strikingly vibrant beauty of a book on the 50 States of America, this hefty tome would be a fabulous resource for any home or classroom.

With fact-filled spreads in snappy, bite-sized pieces of interesting information about each State, there are a wealth of fun facts to be read and digested.

12187867_10153623971400446_7709823219200612888_nFrom the rich and varied history, to various famous people and the cultural influences instilled within the make-up of each individual State, no stone is left unturned.

Sol Linero‘s super vivid illustrative style, coupled with Gabrielle Balkan‘s compelling narrative and enlightening factual snippets makes for a truly educative tool.

11693921_10153623971420446_5485340422916482160_nSmattered with clean, crisp illustration and simplified maps, this work of art would appeal to a hugely diverse range of age groups.

Balkan‘s incisive text make this geographical tour of America’s rich and varied landscape a highly engaging one and one that any reader will enjoy returning to again.

The deceptively clever way in which this Atlas of America has been simplified and presented in such an alluring format, is credit to the genius pairing of Balkan and Linero.

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