Once Upon A Northern Night by Jean E. Pendziwol & Isabelle Arsenault (Walker Books)

12032214_10153601703595446_5093080744993192124_nA beautifully melodic and warming winter poem by Jean E. Pendziwol, is transformed into a sublime series of spreads by Isabelle Arsenault.

As a child sleeps in his bed, wrapped in a blanket, so too is the landscape outside. His Mother fondly describes the alluring wintery setting from the fall of the first tiny flake to the ultimate ‘downy blanket’.

12063876_10153601703655446_2146730285510922732_nEach snowflake falls, one after the other covering the earth and forest in a ‘canvas of white’.

Pendziwol describes the intricacies of the wintery landscape in this small area of a sublime Northern American idyll in a gentle, metaphorical and sentimental lullaby.

Every detail in Pendziwol’s lyrical poem is magically and tenderly brought to life by Arsenault’s translation into pictures.

12046772_10153601703665446_1312302622118070392_nWith a rich and emotional text supported by sumptuous landscapes, inquisitive wildlife and unfurling scenery, this makes for a particularly touching read.

The use of a limited, yet powerful palette make for a dramatic but comforting backdrop to the vivid narrative.

Predominantly, monochromatic spreads splashed with hints of colour still offer a warming and reassuring feel to the poem.

11049646_10153601703610446_3584413042002072075_nThe vast areas of white space providing the perfect accompaniment to this snowy tale.

As the snow clouds disappear, the breathtaking magic of the Northern lights is revealed in all its glory and the poem reaches its peak.

A collaboration of epic proportions and one not to be missed!

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