The House That Flew by Davide Cali & Catarina Sobral (Bruaá)

12105826_10153596690420446_6243760100081979572_nAn absurd yet endearing tale of a house that just ups and leaves.

Flies off into the sky with no explanation!

It’s owner is rather puzzled and goes to various places for help, including The Lost Property Office, the Town Hall and even the Aviation Office, but no-one seems to be able to help him or his flying home.
12140566_10153596690435446_2949679217414338810_nDavide Cali‘s most extraordinary story is full of imagination and creativity. Coupled with Catarina Sobral‘s beautifully colourful and linear artwork, it can’t fail to please any audience.

The sheer thought of a house just flying off from its foundations is a totally crazy one, which makes it all the better.

But the ending to this utterly absurd story has a sentimental and heart warming message.


The owner follows his home for many a mile, through day and night until the man recognises the street where the house eventually settles.

Where could he be and will he stay?

A comforting tale about finding your roots and feeling settled in even the most unexpected of places.


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