Evil Emperor Penguin by Laura Ellen Anderson (David Fickling Books)

12118856_10153596791585446_8175295616218855826_nWe love ‘The Phoenix Presents‘ series of comics (or graphic novels if you want to be down with the kids!) and their latest offering by Laura Ellen Anderson is no exception to this rule.

Meet Evil Emperor Penguin a warm, cuddly, kind-hearted penguin from the far away icy wastes of Antarctica, who only wants to do good in the world… NOT!


Follow this megalomaniac and his not so dastardly duo, Eugene (an abominable snowman clone) and Number 8 (A highly intellectual octopus) as they plan to conquer all of the world’s leaders.

And just check out this fab contents page!

With a smattering of hilarious one liners and humour throughout these mini stories, there’s something for everyone in this fab comic.

12119122_10153596791620446_5672975345358950408_nAnd we mean ‘everyone’. From our 8 year old to our 40 something, we all thoroughly enjoyed laughing along and spotting humorous details in the colourful spreads.

The eclectic mix of characters make for an inventive and laugh-out-loud story. We defy you not to fall a little bit in love with Eugene, an adorable abominable snowman with a heart.

12107980_10153596791640446_2873790003219652795_nYou have to read this comic if only to witness Keith the unicorn, who fires his lethal rainbow blast from his bottom.

A must for all those who enjoy a chuckle whilst reading and definitely for those who love spaghetti hoops! And who doesn’t love spaghetti hoops?

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