Bird by Beatriz Martin Vidal (Simply Read Books)

12108080_10153572423535446_9179768384452882476_nWe can’t wait to share yet another stunning wordless picture book with you.

Following feedback from previous posts, we are aware that many struggle with the very idea of a book without words, but for us, this creates all sorts of endless possibilities.

There may not be a rigid storyline or pre-prepared narrative, but this invites the reader to make up their own version of events. Try it, it can be truly liberating!

11219414_10153572423595446_2731763468097632193_nThe story can be open to to interpretation and this can only be a good thing, particularly for extending young children’s minds and imaginations.

This open-ended, philosophical tale is brought to life with stunningly powerful yet muted portraits by Beatriz Martin Vidal and her distinct style of illustration plays a hugely powerful role in this book.

12115909_10153572423660446_5364045949534827300_nA quirky and unusual picture book which appears to be addressing numerous themes, including migration, family and finding your roots, works across a hugely diverse audience.

With subtle references to birds migrating and only a digital clock to carry you through the story, this book is great for children and adults alike, to explore.

12108275_10153572423730446_970910991593348667_nThis story without words holds a thousand different meanings and unfurls as you want it to.

You are the narrator to this special read. You determine where this mysterious tale will take you and the destiny of the lead character.

Vidal’s artwork alone is reason to own this book and the limited palette of predominantly warm whites and greys make for truly inviting and dreamlike spreads.

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