Historium curated by Richard Wilkinson & Jo Nelson (Big Picture Press)

12074979_10153559443090446_2293318631706466631_nIn the follow-up to the phenomenal ‘Animalium‘ comes ‘Historium‘, a beautifully curated collection of museum pieces ranging from Ancient Egyptian artefacts to the best of Roman engineering.

With clean and colourful artwork, this illustrated compendium through history is a compelling and inspiring resource, perfect for any young wannabe Historian.

12031993_10153559443165446_1282298397942324054_nTake a wander through a narrative mosaic of ancient objects from ancient civilisations, all from the comfort of your own home.

Carefully selected items are displayed on each spread for your perusal, coupled with a wealth of factual and enticing information about its history.

Find out more about the Polynesian ‘moai’ statues and how their culture evolved over the years, to the cave paintings in eastern Africa.


With an warm, earthy palette and simple yet very specific illustrations of historic items, both young and won’t be able to stop themselves delving yet deeper into the history of each item and discovering more about our shared history.

What could be better? A bookish museum open as often as you desire, 365 days a year, with over 130 artefacts to pore over and numerous ancient civilisations to explore.


Turn each page to discover a new world, an ancient world and find out how fun it can be travelling back in time to unearth the truly surreal and wholly incredible.

A perfect tool for any classroom and one that would be a fine and well utilised addition to any shelf in any home, wherever you may live.

Watch the trailer here.


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