Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption by José Domingo (Flying Eye Books)

12020048_10153549650705446_8306145850549645091_nWe join our intrepid adventurers, Pablo and Jane on their highly amusing yet similarly spooky exploration.

What’s that glow coming from the house on the hill?

In a fit of boredom, the pair set out to find out what’s creating that luminous green glow and get much more than they had bargained for.

12032128_10153549650680446_7360726482912158604_nAn interactive, seek-and-find story with stickers and spreads bursting with finite details, it won’t fail to please young readers.

José Domingo has created a captivatingly crazy world for the two explorers, overflowing with the smallest details and items to seek out on each busy spread.

It certainly kept our 8 and 9 year old entertained.

12002913_10153549650650446_2334973930014270197_nThe reader is required to help Pablo and Jane as they race through the awe-inspiring scenery to find the missing pieces of their contraption, avoiding the ensuing terrors of the the Monster Dimension.

Part graphic novel, part picture book, this merging of the two mediums makes for a great engaging read for all ages.

T12038153_10153549650620446_2870943934410344094_nhis too would make a great transitional read for 7+ year olds and for any reluctant readers.

With a vivid palette, fun packed pages, an element of interactivity and a strong visual narrative, we defy anyone not to enjoy this stunning offering from Flying Eye Books.

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