Deep in the Woods by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln)

12033143_10153545920530446_7946233978801190488_nDeep in the Woods‘ by established author/illustrator Christopher Corr is a vibrant and contemporary twist on a classic Russian folk tale, ‘Teremok’.

This charming tale of kind-heartedness and overwhelming generosity, is brought to life by Corr’s almost fluorescent spreads and original characterisation of each animal.

12038229_10153545920555446_5146040994221032020_nDeep in the woods, a mouse finds a perfect home. A wooden home, painted white with a red front door.

Empty and just waiting to be occupied by the perfect inhabitant.

Soon enough the other woodland animals spot the house and they too want to live there.


The mouse kindly obliges. In moves the frog and the fox and the deer, to name but a few. But what happens when the great big bear turns up wanting a roof over his head?

The impact of Corr’s unique style of illustration jumps off each page and the essence of the story is captured with pops of neon pink, dazzling oranges and striking blues.

T11149588_10153545920620446_5890517243322765505_nhe bears arrival ends in a dramatic and untimely collapse for the little wooden house. But in the face of adversity, the animals all work together to create something bigger and better.

We couldn’t help but mention the end papers for this eye-popping picture book. They are a feast for the eyes and an overload of the senses. This is a book for collectors of art and a folk tale re-imagined for a younger audience.


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