Have You Seen Elephant? by David Barrow (Gecko Press)

11260521_10153540731815446_8953336946433345837_nA stonkingly good debut from the Sebastian Walker award winner, David Barrow.

A visually hilarious game of hide and seek that won’t fail to tickle even the older children (adults) in your household.

Elephant wants to play hide and seek, but who knew he’d be so good at it?


Barrow‘s beautifully warm and muted illustrations are a delight and the use of mixed media works perfectly for this absurd tale.

With clever use of light and shade and spreads that incorporate subtle hues of purple, pink and orange this is a book to revisit time again, purely for the artwork.

Children will delight in the ridiculousness of the storyline as the huge Elephant attempts to hide from the boy in the most ridiculous places.

12043142_10153540731840446_3948502116658405065_nThe comedic timing in each spread is spot on and a younger audience will relish being able to spot Elephant before the boy in the book.

Hiding places include, behind a substantially smaller tree trunk, in a standard lamp and under the bed covers. Clearly not the best place for a rather large mammal.

12038456_10153540731900446_5683264903459730846_nThe visual element of this picture book is the crux, as it provides the laugh-out-loud element to this story as it lets the reader in on the joke.

Keep an eye on the astute dog throughout the game of hide and seek.

There’s much anticipation around this debut and future work from David Barrow, he’s definitely one to keep an eye on over the forthcoming months.

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