Jill & Dragon by Lesley Barnes (Tate Publishing)

12036552_10153535100330446_8673161151319301457_n‘Happily Ever After’ read Jill’s story book, but not everyone looked particularly happy.

Enter Jill, our protagonist and a formidable leading lady. She shows immediate compassion for the shackled dragon and duly invites him along to live with her. There, she shares all the things she loves to do in the hope of finding the dragon’s own special talent.

11998937_10153535100350446_412289800434352463_nThis debut picture book from the wonderful Lesley Barnes is utterly stunning and we would expect no less from her iconic illustrative style.

As fans of Lesley‘s artwork, we were so excited to see this offering when we heard she had been working on a book for children.

Barnes has created a tenacious and caring heroine and one any child can relate to and indeed, aspire to be like.

12039464_10153535100370446_439740036846903360_nAs Jill invites the dragon into her world, it takes time to find his talent, much to the dog’s chagrin. From fashion to flower arranging, Jill is adamant she’ll find the dragon’s hidden talent.

Eventually, they find it!

The dragon possesses a unique and special gift. He and only he can make toast that’s fit for a King.

11998965_10153535100365446_5424925267087256086_nThis tall tale is a fine reminder that each and every one of us has a talent, you just need to find it.

We must also give a mention to the loveable, if a tad jealous dog. Keep an eye on our furry friend throughout each spread and just watch his changeable expressions.

We’ve heard news of a sequel and quite frankly, we cannot wait!


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