Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett & Christian Robinson (Chronicle Books)

A ghost storyFrom a formidable picture book duo comes ‘Leo, A Ghost Story‘. Written by the best-selling author Mac Barnett and illustrated by the legendary Christian Robinson, this has ‘success’ written all over it, before the first page is turned.

And we’re pleased to report that the contents deliver, to the high quality expected from the pairing of these two welterweight picture book makers.


Just like any child, Leo just wants to be loved and accepted.

But Leo isn’t an ordinary child…

Leo is a ghost.

A friendly ghost nevertheless, who makes delicious snacks.

In fact, very few people can see him.

imageWhen Leo tries to welcome a new family to his home, his genuine ghostly gestures are misunderstood and Leo decides it’s time to move on.

Leo meets Jane and all is right with the world. Our heroine has an amazing imagination and room for Leo in her imaginary world. Or at least she thinks he’s part of her vivid and glorious imagination.

leoUnderstandably reluctant to tell Jane he’s a ghost, in fear of scaring her away, Leo goes along with the act as Jane’s imaginary friend.

Leo finally feels like he belongs, but what happens when Jane finds out the truth about Leo?

JanePredominately played out in shades of blue with black outlines and sparse white spaces, this book has an atmospherically magical feel to it.

A pairing of this calibre could only result one thing.

A clever, timeless, quality picture book that will be revisited again and again over many years to come.

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