The Prince and the Porker by Peter Bently & David Roberts (Andersen Press)

11058665_10153497127920446_4601930117622280380_nWe are all too aware of how lethal ‘judging a book by its cover’ can be, but in this particular case we are happy to declare, we were right.

Having spotted this delectable cover on Twitter and immediately spotting the duo responsible for this crackling title, we were certain the contents wouldn’t disappoint.

11954783_10153497128150446_980341187825346218_nWith a jaunty and humour-filled rhyme from Peter Bently, supported and brought to life by David Roberts regal illustrations, this is a right royal porker of a story.

In this squealingly-funny case of mistaken identity, Pignatius the greedy pig emerges as an impersonator of the prince of the palace and gets more than he bargained for.


As the cheeky porker scoffs all the buns and gets caught ‘red-trottered’. He flees up the palace stairs and hides in the princes’s bedroom.

He proceeds to try on what he believes to be an outfit from a dressing-up box and when the royal staff burst into the room to Pignatius’ astonishment, they all bowed!


The pig soon realises there’s much fun to be had, whilst they all think he’s the prince.

He disgraces the soldiers and scares two duchesses half to death and feeds his face with banquet fit for a pig.

We won’t spoil the ending, but needless to say the pig gets his comeuppance.

If our review alone doesn’t make you want to read this, then try this trailer


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