What’s Hidden in the Woods? by Aina Bestard (Thames and Hudson)

11902473_10153492828615446_3153127160375066748_nWe love the inventive approach to discovering life within the woods, in this interactive book.

What’s hidden in the Woods‘  is an imaginatively clever way to engage younger and emerging readers.

With the use of three magic magnifying glasses and simple clues, it helps you unearth the hidden animals and objects within.

11892220_10153492828835446_6997166682838484737_nFrom initial glances, it appears that Aina Bestard has created a calm, quiet wood, but as you take a closer look, the wood is miraculously brought to life by the coloured glasses.

The unassuming three-colour wood, suddenly transforms into a bustling, hive of activity behind each coloured magnifying glass.

From deer and foxes to bees and wasps, there are lots of tiny details to capture behind each glass.

11880334_10153492828775446_897238154654386030_nWith birds feeding and fish swimming, each magical element can be spotted with a little patience and the relevant coloured glass.

We had great fun spotting each animal, insect and berry and following the clues for a game of ‘search and find’.
11951214_10153492828715446_125371463435436409_nWe tried to capture some of the magic with this image.

The bee hive hanging from the tree looks like any other bee hive hanging from a tree, until that is, you place the blue glass over the image and then the intricacies of the hive and its inhabitants are brought to life.

PS Keep an eye out for the baby bear


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