The Wonder Garden by Jenny Broom & Kristjana S Williams (Wide Eyed Editions)

11947618_10153493224445446_1603737841370231873_nTurn the pages to open the golden gates to this most decadent ‘The Wonder Garden‘ by Jenny Broom, illustrated by Kristjana S Williams.

Embossed in gold and dripping in explosive colour, this is an incredible journey to five of the Earth’s most unique and extraordinary habitats.

A detailed insight into several very different habitats in the most glorious technicolour surroundings.

11960003_10153493224505446_5957642391231633622_nWith descriptions of animal noises from the forest, to the smell of sugary nectar in the jungle, this is a total exploration of the senses.

From the hot and humid Amazon Rainforest to the wild woodland of the Black Forest, we are taken on a one-off journey across the driest environments to the bottom of the bluest ocean to discover the Great Barrier Reef.

11951280_10153493224720446_6607924832091473662_nWander through the World’s wildest habitats and discover 80 amazing animals

Lavishly illustrated and supported by a rich and engaging text, this is a truly spectacular resource.

With pops of neon colour the animals, flora and fauna almost jump off the page and into action.


The sheer number of facts and information regarding each luscious habitat, coupled with the staggering level of detail in each spread, make this a book you will want to return to again and again.

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