Pom Pom the Champion by Sophy Henn (Puffin Books)

11885109_10153490417605446_6150797608203919328_nWe’ve utterly fallen for Pom Pom, even when he is prone to being super grumpy, in fact he’s pretty much an honorary child in our household.

We defy you not love this totally adorable bear created by the uber talented Sophy Henn. In this next installment, Pom Pom becomes rather fixated with winning.

11954752_10153490466925446_6350177339756815034_nAnd when we say fixated, we mean ultra competitive, has to win at all costs, totally off the scale!

This follow-up to ‘Pom Pom gets the grumps‘, is another story that will resonate with parents everywhere.

It won’t fail to bring a wry smile to your face if you have children.


If it wasn’t enough that he’s super cute, who knew he could break dance too?

There clearly are no end to his talents, but at what cost?

Pom Pom soon realises that winning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and actually, it can be rather a lonesome pastime when you’re always on top.

11902541_10153490417770446_8976397444785535115_nThe overall message provided within this story will be appropriate for many a young child and perfectly illustrates how the old adage ‘it’s not about the winning but the taking part’ rings true.

We can safely say that this is another successful string to add to Sophy Henn‘s literary bow. She keeps on delivering stories that hit home for both child and parent, with a simply stunning illustrative style and an injection of subtle humour.

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