City Atlas by Georgia Cherry & Martin Haake (Wide Eyed Editions)

11891242_10153490193210446_4544909548020371658_nFor us, there’s something rather relaxing and therapeutic about a good map and even more so, now that maps are being represented in a much more accessible way.

We’ve come to expect great things from Wide Eyed Editions and they’ve clearly built on the success of Atlas of Adventures with this new offering.

11885352_10153490193110446_385971268444236361_nCity Atlas‘ is a great resource, stylishly executed.

It’s easy to get lost in your own imaginary travels from the luxury of your own armchair and not a baggage check-in in sight.

Hop over to Helsinki, buzz back to Budapest or linger in London to find out what makes each city great and totally different from the next.

11891147_10153490193175446_5208433383053657806_nWatch as each city’s personality is brought to life by Georgia Cherry‘s amazing facts and Martin Haake‘s unique and lavish illustration.

Coupled with a cornucopia of short facts about the buildings, people, cultures, food and buildings of each of the 30 cities, there’s a wealth of information to explore and drink in.

We had fun finding each of the buildings, landmarks and people listed in the contents pages.

11914026_10153490193235446_6713727498189931225_nIncorporating a ‘search-and-find’ game on every spread helps young readers to thoroughly explore each city and spot the many details that make each place unique.

It’s a highly enjoyable way of finding out more about these cities and their ‘personalities’.

11880671_10153490193135446_5837318367101033159_nGeorgia Cherry includes a mix of iconic landmarks and unusual facts to engage the reader and Martin Haake‘s quirky illustrative style is one that works perfectly for this offering for a younger audience.

We relished our leisurely wander through parts of Europe, the Americas, Asia and over to Oceania. All done at our own pace and no delays to speak of.


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