The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright & Jim Field (Orchard Books)

11924750_10153479289245446_7024039348152571071_nWe knew instantly that ‘The Lion Inside‘ would be an outright winner. After all, what’s not to love about the pairing of Rachel Bright and Jim Field?

A melodic, rhythmic tale, coupled with a truly inspirational message makes for an engaging read and one that can’t fail to please any reader.

16918_10153479289425446_3766298302293838702_nMeet Mouse, a tiny creature with a need for change. Being little can be pretty tough!

He got trod on, sat on, and missed out for stuff.

Ignored and forgotten. Yes… mouse-life was tough.

Mouse is fed up of not being noticed and decides he needs to be more like Lion.

11891015_10153479289375446_4959015916744395803_nLion is loud and important, shouty and tough.

He loved showing the crowd he was made of strong stuff.

Field’s illustration’s complement the story to perfection, with an injection of subtle humour and ingenious composition, which shows just how small Mouse really is.

T11890979_10153479289315446_6274457414036727388_nhe level of detail in each spread is inconceivable, in fact you can almost count every hair on the lion’s mane. Go on, try it!

Mouse needs to learn how to ‘R-O-A-RRRRRR!’ but there is only one beast who can help him. Will Lion assist him with his challenge or gobble him up for lunch?

This is one ending you need expl-ooooaaaaaar for yourself.

A story with a big heart and an even bigger hero that we wholeheartedly recommend. Published by Orchard Books.


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