Super Happy Magic Forest by Matty Long (OUP Children’s Books)

11891001_10153477221855446_3218816683005837329_nIf like us, you love picture books and comics, you’re sure to adore this whacky and wonderful debut offering from Matty Long.

A mix between a comic and a picture book, Matty’s fabulously detailed and psychedelic spreads withhold a wealth of humour and side jokes, alongside the main narrative.

11855646_10153477221900446_8999531321787321667_nSuper Happy Magic Forest‘ tells the tale of an epic quest, starring an unlikely and eclectic mix of heroes.

From a talking toadstool named Trevor to an unassuming unicorn, these five, not-so-fearsome heroes set out to retrieve the missing Magic Crystals.

11880609_10153477222005446_1971939428167297929_nThe Magic Crystals have been stolen and it is their mission to travel far and wide in search of the Crystals.

Our intrepid heroes stare danger in the eye on more than one occasion, but seem unfazed by the challenges they face during their treacherous crusade.

11902566_10153477222080446_1856434810865657594_nNow, I wouldn’t like to say our fabulous five were, well, a little ‘simple’ but their unwavering ability to smile in the face of adversity and overcome the abundance of obstacles on their quest, is either due to that or a new found heroism of epic proportions.

Eventually our unlikely heroes reach their devilish destination, Goblin Tower. Will they find the missing Magic Crystals?

11904695_10153477222200446_2335027488875987941_nWell, they find cake. Cake of all descriptions, bakewell tart, fig rolls, custard creams, but not a Magic Crystal in sight.

We won’t spoil the ending, but needless to say, there’s a twist to this epic adventure and our heroes come good in the end.

Watch out for Matty Long, he’s destined for great things and we wait with baited breath for his follow-up!

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